Preventive Dentistry



The dentists at Smiles on Randall will complete a thorought dental examination.  We will examine your teeth, gums and bone that support your teeth.  We will also evaluate your overall dental health with digital dental x-rays.  We will also review your medical history and list of medications to identify any medical or medication that may affect your dental health.


Your child's dental health is very important to us.  We see children of all ages and will complete a dental examination and complete your dental health school forms so your child will be ready for school in the fall.


At Smiles on Randall we believe that routine dental cleanings are one of the keys to staying healthy.   If you have good dental health, getting your teeth cleaned and examined 2 times per year is the current standard of care and recommended by the American Dental Association.   We will examine your teeth, gums and bones and clean and polish your teeth above and below your gum tissue.  Our staff will also help coach you on good brushing and flossing techniques.  They may also recommend use of specific toothbrushes, floss aids and/or oral rinses.


Sealants provide a protective covering for your premolar and molar teeth to help prevent cavities from forming in the grooves and pits of the biting surface of your teeth.  This will make it easier to keep your teeth clean at home by creating a smooth surface to clean.


Fluoride treatments bind to your teeth to make them stronger and more resistant to decay.  The doctors and staff at Smiles on Randall recommend a fluoride treatment for adults and children.   Fluoride will help people who are caries free remain that way and if a patient is prone to dental decay, fluoride will fortify the teeth with good home care.


Our dentists, as well as the American Dental Association recommend that anyone who plays sports should always wear a mouth guard.  Whether you are practicing or playing in a competition, protecting your teeth and gums is always a good idea.  Our staff will create a professional custom made mouth guard that will give you maximum protection.


If you grind your teeth, wake up with a sore jaw, headache or soreness, you may be a candidate for a night guard.    This appliance is removable and will protect your teeth and muscles from the stress that grinding and clenching can produce.


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Acceptemos todo tipo de Planes Dentales PPO incluyendo Medicaid/AllKids/Tarjeta Medica para niños y adultos.